Chen Meng vs Zhu Yuling (Japan Open, June 2015)

20150629 - Chen Meng vs Zhu Yuling

Close contest between two of China’s best female players in the final of the women’s singles in the 2015 Japan Open. Lots of very fast rallies played close to the table. Neither player wants to give ground and play too far back from the table. The match goes to seven sets, which is always great to see in a final.

Vladimir Samsonov vs Dimitrij Ovtcharov (European Games, June 2015)

20150621 - Samsonov vs Ovtcharov

Final of the men’s single in the inaugural European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan. European veteran (and legend!) Vladimir Samsonov takes on top seed Dimitrij Ovtcharov. And what a final! The match goes to seven sets and in the final set the score reaches 8-8. It couldn’t be closer, but who is going to win those final few points? Enjoy.

Ma Long vs Xu Xin (Chinese Super League, June 2015)

20150615 - Ma Long vs Xu Xin

The top two players in the world face each other in the Chinese Super League. Ma Long is the player in form, winning the recent World Championships and playing some of the best table tennis of his life. But you can never rule out the super spinny penhold play of Xu Xin. Who will win the latest contest?