Anton Kallberg vs Masaki Yoshida (German League, November 2015)

20151126 - Anton Kallberg vs Masaki Yoshida

Gripping match between Anton Kallberg and Masaki Yoshida in the German League. Kallberg takes a two set lead, playing particularly well in the second set. In the third set, Kallberg has a match point but can’t finish it off. In the fourth set, Kallberg has another match point, but once again Yoshida survives and wins the set. The match is poised for a fascinating final set. Can Kallberg overcome the disappointment of missing two match points and win in the fifth? Watch to find out…

How to make an existing serve even better

When coaching a player for a first time, they will often ask me to teach them new serves. They want serves which will bamboozle their opponents and win them lots of cheap points. But before I reveal my serving secrets, I ask them to show me their existing serves. And you know what? In most cases, the player already has a couple of decent serves, but they use them in a very predictable way. So before teaching any news serves, I always try to improve the serves they already use. In this blog post I reveal some of the things we work on (and you should do too)…

Anton Kallberg – future world champion?

There is plenty of excitement at the moment about 18-year-old Swedish player Anton Kallberg. He has had a rapid rise up the international rankings in the past year and once again confirmed his potential with an impressive run of results at the 2015 Swedish Open. I have to confess, I’m excited too. It’s very early days, of course. There have been plenty of 18-year-olds who have shown potential, but never made an impression on the world’s top 50, let alone the world’s top 5. But I think Kallberg is different and has the potential to reach the very top. Read my blog post to find out why…

Tactics for beating a long pimples player

One of the trickiest opponents you will face when learning to play table tennis is the player who uses long pimples. I vividly remember my first match against a long pimples player many years ago. I simply didn’t have a clue what was going on. My pushes were popping up high. My blocks were going into the net. My attacks were all over the place. But over the years, I have got used to long pimples and now win many more matches than I lose. In this blog post I share a few tactics to help you win more points against the tricky long pimple player.

Paul Drinkhall vs Chen Tianyuan (French League, November 2015)

20151112 - Drinkhall vs Tianyuan

Fast and furious match between Paul Drinkhall and Chen Tianyan in the French league. The first set is a little scrappy, as both players get into their rhythm. But the action really starts half way through the second set when Drinkhall finds himself a few points behind and starts unleashing some big forehand and backhand shots. Just as it seems Drinkhall is getting on top in the match, Chen Tianyuan starts playing some great attacking shots too. The match is tantalising poised at two sets all. Who will win the final set?

Liu Shiwen vs Kasumi Ishikawa (Women’s World Cup, November 2015)

20151102 - Liu Shiwen vs Kasumi Ishikawa

Impressive performance by Liu Shiwen (China) in the final of the Women’s World Cup. The first set is very close and there are some brilliant rallies. Ishikawa (Japan) has an opportunity to win the set, but can’t quite close it out. Sets 2, 3 and 4 are a bit more one-sided, as Liu Shiwen finds her best form. What I really like about Liu Shiwen is the placement of her attacks. She frequently attacks deep or wide and this puts Ishikawa under enormous pressure. It’s a good lesson for all players. You attacks should combine speed, spin AND placement.