Ma Long vs Yuyu Oshima (China Open, August 2015)

Ma Long vs Yuya Oshima
Semi-final, China Open
9 August 2015

Yuya Oshima (Japan) played the best tournament of his career. The world number 60 won his previous three matches 4-3 to reach the semi-finals where he faced world champion Ma Long. Ma Long was expected to win fairly easily and took a comfortable 2-0 lead. But then Oshima staged a brilliant comeback and was leading 6-2 in the final set. But he couldn’t hold on to his lead and Ma Long used all his experience to scramble over the finish line. The last few points are fascinating, because Ma Long changed tactics and played several heavy pushes – not something Ma Long usually does. But it was effective and forced several errors from Oshima. It goes to show that even the very best have to play ugly sometimes to win.

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