Fan Zhendong vs Stefan Fegerl (Polish Open, October 2015)

20151025 - Fan Zhendong vs Stefan Fegerl

Fascinating match between Fan Zhendong (China) and Stefan Fegerl (Austria) in the final of the men’s singles at the Polish Open. Fegerl had already caused a huge shock in the semi-finals by beating Zhang Jike. His reward? A final against Fan Zhendong. What’s unusual about Fegerl is his close-to-the-table blocking style, which you don’t see it that often anymore. Players tend to go back and go topspin to topspin. But by staying close to the table and blocking aggressively, Fegerl is taking time away from his opponents, putting them under a lot of pressure and forcing errors. The match goes to the final set. Can Fegerl go all the way? Watch to find out.