August break

I’m going to take my usual break from blogging during August. So no new articles for 4 weeks. I’ll still be busy coaching and I’ll also be working on my new online course “Service Secrets” If all goes to plan, I’ll releasing this in January 2019.

I’ll be back again in September with some new blog posts.

If you want some summer reading, take a look at my favourite table tennis books.

Or make yourself a cup of tea / pour yourself a large glass of wine and wade through the 150+ articles in my blog archive:

Or have a watch of my top 5 most-watched video lessons in 2018 (so far) …

  1. A simplified approach to returning serves
  2. How to attack a backspin ball
  3. How to read service spin
  4. Sidespin (pendulum) serve – tips and tactics
  5. How to return a sidespin serve

See you in September!

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