Can I win with my left hand?

Can I win with my left hand?

I am right handed. I write with my right hand. I throw with my right hand. I play table tennis and all racket sports with my right hand. But in a couple of weeks I am going to make my table tennis league debut playing with my weaker left hand. Why would I do such a silly thing? And will I be able to win? Keep reading

Review: A Late Return by William Rees

Here’s a review of a wonderful short book A Late Return: Table Tennis à la carte by Bill Rees. Bill shares his experience of restarting his table tennis passion as an adult in France. Along with his team-mates Alain and David, he enters a veteran tournament, with the aim of qualifying for the national finals. What follows is a wonderful, often humorous, account of the trio’s exploits. Keep reading

No table tennis content for a while

Just a quick post to say I won’t be publishing any new blog posts or videos for a while. Due to the latest lockdown, and schools being closed, I have to focus on helping my children with their education. This leaves me with very little time for anything else. When restrictions are lifted – and … Keep reading

Good riddance to 2020

It’s been a crap year. And the beginning of 2021 doesn’t seem it will be much better either. Table tennis – like most other sports – has taken a big hit. Leagues and tournaments have been cancelled. Clubs have closed, re-opened, and then closed again. Huge numbers of people have stopped playing altogether. It is … Keep reading

Why I miss the stress of competition

Why I miss the stress of competition

My table tennis club has been open for six weeks. I have enjoyed the dedicated practice time. I’ve been trying to develop my attacking game – topspin rather than block, flick rather than push. This week I even hit a few backhand winners. This is a new experience for me! But whilst this extended period of practice is having some benefit on my game, I am really starting to miss competitive play – league matches and tournaments. I am a little surprised by this, as I actually find league matches and tournaments quite stressful. Keep reading

My new table tennis book

I am pleased to announce the publication of my debut book – SPIN: Tips and tactics to win at table tennis. I have always wanted to publish a book. I’m sure the 23-year-old Tom would have anticipated some world changing political masterpiece. But life takes us in some unexpected directions, and a career obsessing about table tennis is certainly a more unusual turn of events. But now that my life is full of the joys of balls pinging and ponging, I wouldn’t want it any of other way. Keep reading