Review: Table Tennis Daily Academy

Review: Table Tennis Daily Academy

This week, I want to share with you a very, very, very good coaching website, which is still relatively unknown. (Shhhh, let’s keep this as our secret!). A few months ago I noticed that Dan Ives – the mastermind behind the Table Tennis Daily website – had launched a new coaching website with professional player Tom Maynard. Interesting, I thought to myself. This could be good. Dan very kindly gave me access to Table Tennis Daily Academy. I’ve now been using the site for a few weeks and I want to share my views on whether it’s any good and if you should sign up… Keep reading

Table tennis training camps in UK and Europe

Table tennis training camps in UK and Europe

A great way to improve your table tennis skills is to attend a table tennis training camp. There’s usually a lot of group training drills, focusing on technique, movement, service, receive and match-play. Some training camps will also include 1-to-1 coaching, so you can really work on your own specific needs. In this blog post, I list the best training camps in Europe and the UK.  Keep reading

The best table tennis books (according to me!)

I have read a lot of table tennis books. When I’m not playing, coaching or watching table tennis, I often get caught by my long suffering partner, Jodi, with my head in another table tennis book. “Great”, she says, “more table tennis”. What can I say? I like reading about table tennis! In this blog post I share my favourite table tennis books. I have split my list into ‘must reads’, ‘other good reads’ and ‘books for hardcore table tennis fans’. Keep reading

Review: Eastfield Allround table tennis bat

There’s a new table tennis brand on the market. The new brand, Eastfield, is the creation of Ben Larcombe, who runs the popular Expert Table Tennis website. The first bat to be released under the Eastfield brand is the Eastfield Allround table tennis bat. This bat is aimed at players who are learning the game and want more control and feeling, rather than blistering speed. Ben very kindly sent me an Eastfield Allround bat to try out. I’ve been using the bat on and off for the past month in my coaching sessions. Here’s my review… Keep reading

Review: Palio Expert 2 Table Tennis Bat

Review: Palio Expert 2 Table Tennis Bat

One of the most popular table tennis bats for beginners is the Palio Expert 2. As there is a lot of interest in this bat, I thought I would write a review. I also have a Palio Expert 2 table tennis bat, which I sometimes use in coaching sessions with beginners. As I’ve had many hours of playing time with the bat, I feel well placed to give my expert view. Here’s my review… Keep reading

Review: Table Tennis University

If you haven’t already heard, Table Tennis University is back! The relaunched website has several online table tennis courses, covering topics such as service, forehand loop, backhand loop, footwork and a flagship ‘university’ course which covers pretty much every aspect of table tennis you can think of. The big question is, are these courses any good? Can online table tennis lessons help you improve? Is it worth spending money on an online table tennis course, or should you just find a coach to teach you? Here’s my views… Keep reading

REVIEW: Butterfly Amicus Professional Table Tennis Robot

When I first started playing table tennis, I bought the basic Practice Partner 100. A good entry level robot which is not that expensive. But it had a very limited range of spins and drills. I wanted a robot which was able to replicate more realistic spins and sequences of balls. It took a while to decide on which robot to buy. I went on table tennis forums and decided in the end that the Butterfly Amicus Professional was the one that would do virtually everything I wanted. I have had the robot for a few months now. Here’s my ‘for’ and ‘against’ appraisal. Keep reading

How to set up a website for your table tennis club (for only £5)

A slightly different blog post from me this week. For my day job, I work in digital communications (e.g. managing websites, email marketing, social media etc). I’ve been doing this for 15 years, so know a thing or two about building, managing and promoting websites. I thought it would be a nice idea to share my web design knowledge with the table tennis community. In particular, I want to help those table tennis clubs who don’t have a website. In this blog, I’ll explain how to set up a website for your club, what content you need and how to promote your website. Keep reading

Learning from Desmond Douglas at Westfield table tennis camp

In December, I attended the Westfield table tennis camp in Northamptonshire. This was my second visit to the Westfield table tennis camp. The first time, back in 2014, I attended all three days. This time I only attended one day. I would have liked to have done all three days, but with a 3-month-old baby back at home, it would have been a bit unfair on my partner! Here’s my review, including lessons I learned from table tennis legend, Desmond Douglas… Keep reading

Review: table tennis school at Werner Schlager Academy

I had great pleasure in attending the Werner Schlager Academy between 14 – 17 May 2015. Based in Vienna, it is a training base for over 50 professional table tennis players. It’s one of the main table tennis centre’s in Europe, rivaled in size and facilities only by the German national table tennis centre in … Keep reading