Serve & Receive Training Camp

Each year I organise a serve and receive training camp. In this training camp you will learn how to improve your existing serves, serve + 3rd ball, new serves to bamboozle your opponents, how to return different serves, how to read service spin and much more!

It’s aimed specifically at local league table tennis players. And I focus on the skills, technique and tactics needed to win extra points when playing local league matches.

It is a smaller, more intimate training camp (maximum of 12 players per day). I want to get to know each player’s game and give player-specific feedback to help you improve and win those extra points.

The training camp is suitable for players who are already playing local league table tennis (intermediate to advanced standard).

What will you learn?

Here’s an overview of the topics we will cover:

  • Improve your serves … Learn how to make your existing serves even stronger with more spin, better placement and clever variations.
  • Serve + 3rd ball attack … Learn how to follow up your serve with a strong 3rd ball attack.
  • New serves … Learn some new high quality serves to bamboozle your opponents, get weak returns or win cheap points.
  • Service strategy … Learn how to use your serves effectively in matches – when to serve short, when to serve long, when to serve backspin, when to serve topspin and when to use your best serves.
  • Returning backspin serves … Learn how to return backspin and side-backspin serves with pushes, flicks and loops.
  • Returning topspin serves … Learn how to return topspin and side-topspin serves with blocks, drives and topspins.
  • Reading service spin … Learn how to read your opponent’s service spin and consistently get your returns back on the table.
  • Applying pressure when returning serves … Learn how to put your opponent under pressure when returning serves with spin, speed and ball placement

How to book

Due to the ongoing uncertainty of coronavirus restrictions, it is unlikely I will run this training camp in 2021. But I very much hope that I will be able to run this training camp in 2022. If you would like to be notified when bookings are open, please complete this expression of interest form.