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Serving in doubles

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Have read your article on serving in doubles Tom and used your tips to good advantage.  Would like to know how to deal with a receiver who stands in a backhand position in the corner, has a good backhand, and can move. What serves work for you in that situation Tom?

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If my opponent has a strong backhand attack, I will serve short heavy backspin close to the middle 80% of the time. I want to stop the player attacking and give my partner a fighting chance of playing the next shot. When this works, my opponent initially tries to attack, but misses and then reverts to pushing. I have contained his/her attack and forced a more passive return. Then occasionally I will use a long, fast serve. It's a little risky against a strong attacker, but if the player is expecting a short serve, it can force an error.

If my opponent has a strong backhand push, but not a strong backhand attack, I will vary the serves much more. I will mix up backspin, sidespin and topspin. This sort of player will try to push everything, so will often pop up a topspin or sidespin serve, giving my partner an easy attacking option.