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Backand flick.

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How can I generate topspin for the backhand flick if I'm dealing with a short backspin serve. Most of my flick shots go into the net or out the table. I'm really stumped with this one stroke here. 

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Tom Lodziak
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It could be a number of reasons why you miss this shot. It could be that you don't lift the ball enough or that you don't generate enough spin or that your bat angle is too closed.

At it's most basic, a backhand flick will work if you keep the bat angle straight, spin up the back of the ball with some acceleration.

Here's a video of a very simple backhand flick technique. Maybe this is the best for you to start with:

Then, when you have more consistency, you could develop something more advanced, as demonstrated by Ferenc in this video:  

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I've been working on this shot too. What I've realised is that you have to develop more topspin with your flick than the server has put backspin on the ball. You have to overcome the server's spin, then your topspin will 'take'. So whatever technique you can find for putting more topspin on will help. Check out Tom's video comparing his flick with Liam Pitchford's. Liam gets huge topspin on because he has such a long drawback, a really fast stroke and generates lots of speed with his wrist.

My problem with this technique is that there doesn't seem time to do all that unless you know the service is going to your backhand. You almost have to premeditate the shot!