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Opponents 'cheat' when warming up

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I recently played an opponent who when warming up seemed a complete beginner, playing simple pushes without power or direction, and holding the bat rigidly like a new player. However when the match started they immediately played in an experienced and capable way. It was obvious that in the warm-up they had deliberately sought to kid me that they were much worse than they really were. I think this is underhand. It's one thing keeping your best shots hidden til the match, but to pretend to be barely capable seems a bit much! What do others think?

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Tom Lodziak
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If this was deliberate, then it is a little underhand, but I wouldn't call it a major sin. Players use the initial knock-up in different ways. Most players will just hit a few drives and topspins to literally warm themselves up. But players who are more tactically minded will use this initial knock-up to either frustrate the other player (by deliberately using poor placement) or by intimidating them (hitting lots of hard shots) or by playing mind games by using weak looking shots. You can't control what the other player does, so just keep focused on yourself. If someone is really messing around, then I just keep the knock up really short and ask them if we can start the match. 

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Fine with me as long as I get to warm up properly i.e. they are returning the ball steadily.