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How to train with less skillful partner?

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Any advice on how to maximise the benefit for both parties when there is a significant difference between the skill level?

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Tom Lodziak
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When I practice with a player of a lower ability, I use it as an opportunity to work on a weakness. If I use my weakness against his/her strength then it starts to even out a bit more. If it is a really big difference in skill level, I may focus on my control, feel and consistency. I won't hit the ball hard, but I will try to keep rallies going for as long as possible and move a lot. This is still beneficial for me and it means the much weaker player gets to hit a lot of balls too.  

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If I play with player weaker than me, I just focus on my overall basics: focus on staying low all the time, feeling tension on my core and leg muscles, footwork (if they're inconsistent with ball placement), feeling the ball, stuff like that.

In my opinion, there is no such thing as overtraining the basics. Basics are things you need to practice over and over again.