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preparation for an international tournament

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How Long ( months, Weeks ) can someone prepare for an international tournament ?

Tom Lodziak
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Ideally, you should be training regularly, at least 2-4 hours per week. If you have more time and opportunities to train, then even better. Some players manage 8-10 hours per week (some even more!). If you train regularly, you will always be in good shape and ready to perform in tournaments or league matches. 

If you have a big tournament you want to prepare for, then you might want to increase your training hours in the 4-6 weeks before the tournament. This will help you get into very good form. In the two weeks before the tournament, make sure you do lots of match-play exercises in your training, e.g. serve & receive exercises, 3rd ball attack exercises and practice matches. This will get you match-sharp for the tournament.

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