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Competition sets in low division

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Hello Tom, I’m glad to have this opportunity. Thank you for your time and for this space to discuss. I really like you book and your videos. I'm reading your book for the second time. Currently I’m trying to execute the tactics of service of your videos and book. I'm playing in the third to last league of my region in France.

I have 600 points and I started to play in competition with 500 points last year, I’ve played previously in clubs but not in official competitions. I precise that I don't have a personal experimented coach for feedback. 

In the video I’m in gray and black with a head band. First part of the video it's for the last set of a match of the last weekend of competition, I lost 3-2 vs a player with 800 points, and I was winning 2-0. I was frustrated because I could put my fh in the table. The second set it's for a summer tournament within my club. 

I know I have a lot to work on, but I don't know in which order do I have to train to fix the problems.

I also have a rubber problem, I know tenergy-fx(bh) and tibhar evolution mx-p(fh) are too fast for me. But I already have bad habits of tensors without right technique. I tried to change my rubbers for 2 months last year, but I lost all my confidence because I could score points with my fh and returned to the 2 tensors. I can gladly take your advice in that regard.

Sorry for the quality of the video and for the misspellings. I'm looking forward to getting your feedback. Thanks a lot for your work and for what you do for table tennis enthusiasts and keep improving :). 



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Hi Cristian

Thanks for posting the video. You clearly have a strong passion when you are playing. Let's start with some positives. Your stance is good. You have some tricky serves. Your ball placement is good. You like to play an attacking game, and make strong attacks, especially when you are playing topspin rallies. You are competitive and want to win. This is all good!

The big area for you to focus on next is topspin vs backspin. I would start with forehand topspin vs backspin. In the video you seemed to lack confidence to play this shot, so you keep pushing the ball back. When you did try to attack against backspin, your stroke lacked conviction. Too tense and jerky.

But I don't think it would take very long to get good at this stroke. First try to develop a really reliable forehand topspin vs backspin. Get your bat low, wait for the ball to come past the end of the table and then spin upwards with lots of acceleration and an open bat angle.

There are some useful tips in this video about how you can start to develop this shot. This video covers the basics, but I think it is what you need right now. https://www.tabletenniscoach.me.uk/video/forehand-topspin-vs-backspin-basic-technique/

When you can play this shot consistently, then you won't need to push so many balls. You serve backspin, your opponent pushes back and then you can topspin straight away, turning the rally into an open topspin game. 

Of course, it will be helpful to also develop your backhand topspin vs backspin, but maybe get the forehand working first.

In terms of rubbers, I don't think you need to change. If you are happy with the rubbers you are using, then stick with them. As you develop into a strong player, with better topspin technique, your rubbers will help you play these shots.

You seem very determined, so I'm sure you will improve lots over the coming months. Please do post an update in a few weeks time. Or if you want to post a video of you practising the forehand topspin vs backspin, I'd be happy to take a look.

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Hello Tom, thanks a lot for taking the time to watch the video and for the analysis of my gameplay. I watched the video that you suggested. It's very nice and i agree that's one tool that I need to add. The fh loop. I will be very happy the day I will put it to work in a competitive match. I will practice with the instructions that you are giving me and also with your vídeo. No doubt I will post an update vídeo. Thanks for the suggestion. Have a nice day tomorrow 🙂👍.