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Match From Thusday

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One of my recent games.

Tom Lodziak
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Thanks for posting. Tough loss. I think it's a match you can win and in the second game you seemed the stronger player, but he sneaked that one, a little fortunately I thought. Here's some thoughts...

1st game

  • You serve well and caused problems with both the serve and also the 3rd ball attack.
  • There was too much pushing. There were a few times when he pushed long to his forehand and you opted to push back. You have a good FH topspin vs backspin, so keep trying to use it. I feel if you had used this shot more from the beginning, you may well have found yourself two games up, as he was struggling with your spin.
  • On the backhand, you only wanted to push. Where was the BH topspin vs backspin? I know you can play this shot well, so you should try and use it.
  • You were too generous when returning serves. I think you had more opportunities to return his serves with a topspin or a flick. By pushing his serves back, you won't able to put him under enough pressure.

2nd game

  • I thought you played well in this game. Service continued to cause problems. And you were more positive.
  • You pushed less and started to open up with both your forehand and backhand. These shots had plenty of energy and he was struggling a little to return these shots. Your BH was a little tight at first, but you did play two or three very good BH topspin vs backspin during this game. You can do it!
  • The area he won this game was on his serve. You were too passive again and didn't take opportunities to attack his serve. His serve is decent, but not amazing. You gave it too much respect.

3rd game

  • This was a tough game. You tried to change the temp a bit, first by being more aggressive and then you went a little passive. I think some frustration had crept in, so not too much we can learn from this one.


Overall there was plenty of good things... Serve + 3rd ball, topspin vs backspin (when you decided to do it), ball placement.

A bit more drilling of your topspin vs backspin strokes would help, so you feel confident using the shots early in each rally. When you topspin well, it has LOTS of topspin. These should be a big feature of your game. What do you think?

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Hi Tom,

I was up in the first end 9-6 and lost it game 9. I should be trying to open up more, the last couple of matches the pushing has drifted back in.

I haven’t been drilling enough, too much coaching and not enough being coached!!

2nd game was close as well, I think you’re right just wasn’t attack minded enough

In the 3rd, nothing went right!! 

This team are looking they will win the league, they haven’t lost any matches yet. Their best player a FH looper, LP BH was very awkward, I managed to take an end off him, but he was always out of reach.

I have another match tomorrow, again it’s against the team that are at the top of the table (different league)

cheers for the feedback!!



PS - had to go for a CT scan after that fall !!!