Online table tennis academy

In 2023 I am planning to launch an online table tennis academy.

This is how it will work…

  • Every week I will send players in the online academy a new training drill, focusing on a specific aspect of table tennis, e.g. footwork, topspin, rallying, ball placement, defence, serve, receive, match-play etc

  • Players will be encouraged to practice the drill in their training sessions and share their experiences.

  • Players will have the option to film themselves doing the drill, submit the footage and get feedback from myself and other players.

  • I will also share exclusive coaching content, including tips and demonstrations from my popular training camps.

  • Players will be invited to join me in a monthly live chat, where they can ask questions or just chat about table tennis.

  • The cost will be £10 per month, with a discount for a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month membership.

If you are interested in joining my online table tennis academy, please complete this expression of interest form. I will be in contact when I have more information about the launch date.