Am I good enough to play in a local league?

Ask the coachCategory: OtherAm I good enough to play in a local league?
Jim asked 4 weeks ago

Hi Tom

I have enjoyed looking at your coaching videos on YouTube. I have only been playing about 6 weeks, and am improving a little bit each time I play. I would like to get into playing in a league, and was wondering how I would know when I was ready for that.

I’m playing in a local church hall, and there are a couple of league 4 players there. I can take the odd game off of them, but haven’t been able to win yet. Do you think I should wait until I am able to win these games or try and join a league 4 team and use that as a further opportunity to get more playing time and develop my game.

I was thinking it might be a bit early yet, but wasn’t sure how long it would take the average person before they thought about joining a league.

Any advice would be welcome.

Many Thanks


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Tom Lodziak Staff answered 4 weeks ago

It sounds like you are making great progress in such a short period of time. And it’s already a good achievement that you can win the odd game against league players. This is a good indication that you are decent enough to play in a local league.

When should you start? If you have a strong desire to play, then just go for it straight away. Realistically the first season will be very hard, and you may not win many (or any) matches, but you will learn a lot. If you approach your first season as a learning experience – identifying your strengths and weaknesses, developing some tactics and learning to play whilst under pressure – then it could be hugely beneficial and speed up your improvement. Then in your next season, I’m sure you will start winning more and more matches.

Alternatively, it is also fine to wait another year and try to get to a higher standard before you start competing. But from my experience, your first season will still be tough, as you get used to competing against a wide range of players.

So in short, if you have the desire to play in a local league, then go for it!