Antispin on FH

Fabio Colombo asked 8 months ago

Hi coach, I am Fabio Colombo, Italian TT player and historian. I’ve read almost all your interesting articles. Very clear and useful! I use to play with an ALL+ blade, a little stiff and Yasaka Anti Power on FH and Palio AK47 yellow on BH. I am mainly a block pusher. I’d like to read an article about tactics for players using antispin on FH. Thanks. F.C.

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Tom Lodziak Staff answered 8 months ago

I think one of the best skills (and tactic) for you to develop is twiddling your bat. This is where you turn the bat in your hand mid-rally, so you can use your anti-spin rubber on either your forehand or backhand. 
This can have a very disruptive effect, especially if your opponent is not fully concentrating. You can keep twiddling your bat, meaning you are producing very different effects on the ball. Some opponents will hate this and start making lots of errors. When their confidence drops, they will become tentative and tight and make even more mistakes!
To twiddle well, you need to have a lose grip and fast fingers. You can practice this off the table. Just pick up your bat and do some shadow play and keep twiddling the bat in between strokes.