Around the net

Urbish Chattopadhyay asked 11 months ago

Sir, I am good at the around the net shot. But, sometimes my opponent returns it and I’m suddenly out of position. How to improve this?

1 Answers
Tom Lodziak Staff answered 11 months ago

You normally only play an around the net shot when your opponent has played the ball very wide. In many ways it’s an “all or nothing” shot.

You are either going to hit a winner or if your opponent can return he has an open table to aim for. Therefore you really need to go for some good speed and spin when playing this shot, to make sure it doesn’t come back.

I recorded a video with Craig Bryant a few years ago about around the net shots. He was able to play his attack around the net and make it skid on my side of the table. This made it virtually impossible for me to return. So he didn’t have to worry about his recovery. He knew the ball wasn’t coming back.

You should watch the video to see how he does it: Amazing around the net shot