My balls keep floating long

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John Hill asked 4 months ago

Hi Tom your videos have been valuable since I returned to 🏓 after 25 years away but we are just starting in a new venue a large sports hall and all my shots seem to be floating off the end. The last 12 months we have been practicing in a small church hall is there any reason for this and is there a solution? Thanks John

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Tom Lodziak Staff answered 4 months ago

The conditions can certainly effect the flight of the ball. It could be you have different tables, different flooring, different balls or a combination of all three. Over time I expect you will adjust to the new venue. But there are some things you can do with your strokes to help you keep the ball on the table.
If playing drives or topspins, you may need to angle your bat towards the table a little more. If pushing or chopping, you may need to make your bat angle a little more vertical. But most important, try and play all of your shots with a little more spin. The spin will bring the ball back down on the table.
All playing conditions are slightly different, but I expect after a few sessions your shots will be landing again.