Penhold chopblock like Ma Lin

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‪wafa alchik‬‏ asked 10 months ago

Hello coach I’m wondering how to chop block like ma lin

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Tom Lodziak Staff answered 10 months ago

The Ma Lin chop block is a shot of beauty! He used it very effectively during his career. Here’s a short video with many examples of Ma Lin using his chop block.

So how to do it?

  • You need an open bat angle, so you can brush down the back of the ball
  • You raise your bat above the incoming ball
  • As the ball approaches, move you bat down and sideways
  • You need a brushing contact and plenty of racket speed
  • You will generate both backspin and sidespin

But perhaps the two most important elements are this.

  1. You must contact the ball quite earlier after it bounces
  2. You use a short, fast stroke

The combined effect of early timing and a short fast stroke make the shot very effective. You can easily confuse your opponent and mess with his/her timing.
I have a video I made with Craig Bryant, where he explains how to play a chop block. Even though Craig is demonstrating with a shakehand grip, the stroke and timing is the same as penhold. This is a good video to watch to learn the chop block: How to do a chop block