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Les Edmunds asked 3 months ago

Hello, I was watching a friendly doubles match recently and in mid rally a ball was returned but as he did so he lost grip of his bat and the bat landed on the table. The ball also landed on the table and couldn’t be returned. Does he lose the point because he lost control of his bat? Thanks for your helpful informative videos. Les Edmunds

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Tom Lodziak Staff answered 3 months ago

I’m not 100% certain, so happy to corrected by someone who knows better, but I think this is allowed within the rules.

If a player strikes the ball with the bat in his/her hand, this is a valid shot. If the player then let’s go of the bat, after hitting the ball, and the bat lands on the table and does not move the table or hit the net, then play should continue.

There is nothing in the officials rules which directly addresses this issue, so I am interpreting other relevant rules.

If anyone has a different interpretation of the rules, especially if you are an official umpire, please do contact me.