Struggling with backhand topspin vs backspin

Ask the coachCategory: Strokes & techniqueStruggling with backhand topspin vs backspin
Heani asked 3 weeks ago

I have a question as I am really in a dilemma now: I would like to play in a way that would allow me to always initiate the attack. So when I am serving I serve short to the backhand of my opponent (I use a backhand serve), he returns it to my backhand and I try to open up the attack with a backhand loop (third ball attack), needless to say I miss a lot.

Now when he serves to my backhand I also try to respond with a backhand loop, again I miss a lot.

Question: Am I being realistic in what I try to achieve?. I practice my backhand loop with a simple Ipong robot, in practice I do not miss much but in a game I guess I miss 2/3 of my loops! Again am I being realistic? This is how I would like to play instead of waiting for my opponent to punish me with his loops! I am not being very successful however.

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Tom Lodziak Staff answered 3 weeks ago

I think you are approaching this in exactly the right way.
You want to learn a shot (backhand topspin vs backspin). You are developing the shot using the robot and trying to use the shot in training and matches. To begin with, you will make lots of errors. This is entirely normal and to be expected. These are good errors, which you can learn from.
Keep persevering and you will gradually start getting the ball on the table more often. This could take a few months or longer. So be prepared to try, try and try again.
I would suggest checking your technique with a coach or more advanced player. Maybe there is a small fix you can make, which will improve your consistency.