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Thank you for taking the time to read my ‘Support Tom’ page.

Most of the content I create is free to access and I plan to keep it this way. I get huge satisfaction from creating videos and writing articles which help people improve at table tennis.

And really, that’s my goal. I want to help you. I want to solve your table tennis problems. I want you to get the most enjoyment you can from the wonderful sport of table tennis.

So, if you like my content and want to help me create more and more videos and articles, please consider supporting me.

Here are five ways you can help…

1. Share my content

A free way to help me in a massive way is to simply share my videos and articles on social media. The more my content is shared, the more people I can reach and the more people I can help. If you haven’t done so already, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook page.

2. Become a member of my YouTube Channel

YouTube memberships helps content creators like myself earn a living. In return for a small monthly membership fee, you receive benefits including:

  • Live Q&As – Ask me about technique, tactics, training, equipment or anything you want. Members only!
  • Early access to my table tennis videos – Members get to watch my table tennis videos before anyone else
  • Insights from my coaching sessions – Read about success & failures in my coaching sessions. Lots of tips to help you improve!
  • Extra table tennis tips – I share table tennis articles and videos from other coaches, along with my own comments
  • Bonus footage from my filming sessions – Rallies, great shots and out-takes from my filming sessions – for members’ eyes only!

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3. Tip me through PayPal

Occasionally, people ask if they can ‘tip me’ for the help I provide in my videos and articles. I must stress, you really don’t need to do this! However, if you insist, I won’t complain.  You can send me a one-off donation via PayPal. Any amount, large or small, helps keep me produce new videos and articles.

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4. Buy your table tennis equipment from Bribar

I am sponsored by table tennis company Bribar – a really fantastic company. They have a wide range of equipment. Their customer service is excellent. And they process and send equipment very quickly. 

If you are a UK based player, please consider buying your table tennis equipment from Bribar using this referral link (I will earn a small commission). 

If you are in the USA, I recommend purchasing table tennis equipment from MegaSpin using this referral link (again, I will earn a small commission).

5. Buy something on Amazon

Finally, another way I earn a small income is by recommending table tennis products on Amazon. When someone clicks a link on my website and purchases a table tennis product on Amazon, I earn a small commission.

But it’s not only table tennis products. It can be anything! You can help me by using these links (Amazon UK | Amazon USA) when purchasing anything on Amazon. You pay nothing extra (hooray!) and I earn small commission (double hooray!), which helps me pay the bills, so I can keep on producing useful table tennis articles (triple hooray!).

Supporting me is entirely optional. Please do not feel any need to spend any of your hard earned money on me. But if you’re feeling generous, I will gratefully accept! Thank you for reading and supporting me. I hope I help you in some way (big or small) during your table tennis journey.