The best table tennis books (according to me!)

I have read a lot of table tennis books. When I’m not playing, coaching or watching table tennis, I often get caught by my long suffering partner, Jodi, with my head in another table tennis book. “Great”, she says, “more table tennis”. What can I say? I like reading about table tennis! In this blog post I share my favourite table tennis books. I have split my list into ‘must reads’, ‘other good reads’ and ‘books for hardcore table tennis fans’. Keep reading

Best table tennis gift ideas

Looking for a gift for the table tennis enthusiast in your life? I can help! I have scoured the internet for some great table tennis gift ideas. Actually, half the things on this list have been given to me at some point. As a table tennis obsessive myself, nothing makes me happier than a table tennis gift for my birthday or at Christmas! So on with my list of the best table tennis gifts… Keep reading