[Video] Brilliant blocking skills – with Paul Drinkhall

[Video] Brilliant blocking skills – with Paul Drinkhall

In this video, pro player Paul Drinkhall, shows off his brilliant blocking skills.


Blocking is great for returning your opponent’s topspin shots, and turning defence into attack.

In the video, Paul shares his blocking tips, discussing technique, placement and gaining a psychological advantage over your opponent.

I also take Paul on in a match. I’m allowed to attack, but Paul is only allowed to block. Who will win?

What’s in the video

0:00 – Tom introduces the video

00:50 – Paul shares his blocking tips

2:25 – Paul discusses turning defence into attack

3:34 – Paul explains the importance of placement when blocking

4:50 – Tom takes on Paul in a blocking match

7:03 – Tom gives his thoughts on Paul’s blocking skills

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