[Video] Don’t train like this!

[Video] Don’t train like this!

In this video, I highlight a common flaw in how some players train.


A major flaw in how some players train is spending too much time, hitting forehand to forehand from one position. These players tend to have petty good forehands, but struggle when they play matches as the rest of their game is underdeveloped.

If this is you, you need to spend your training time more wisely. You should make time to do irregular drills, serve & receive drills and practice matches. This will help you develop the skills you actually need to do well when playing competitive matches.

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2 thoughts on “[Video] Don’t train like this!

  1. Hello Tom,
    I want to ask you an important question, but I am not sure if this is the required place.
    It is about training, but afterwards about to put it into practice.
    A few days I was training with my colleague and he did a comment that surprised me. He said that when playing he is looking at me and at the ball at the same time. Incredible! I realised that I do not look at my opponent; I just look at the ball.
    Please, can you dig into that with your knowledge?
    To me, this can be a revolutionary, an structural change in my way to play table tennis.
    Thank you very much for your lessons.

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