[Video] Falkenberg drill

[Video] Falkenberg drill

In this video I show you the classic Falkenberg training drill. This is a training drill which table tennis players do all over the world.


The Falkenberg is a training drill where you play a backhand from the backhand corner, a forehand from the backhand corner, a forehand from the forehand corner and repeat.

It’s an all-time classic. Swedish world champion Stellan Bengtsson did this drill a lot at his Falkenberg club in the 1970s (hence the ‘Falkenberg’ name) and players have been doing it ever since.

In the video I explain why you should do the drill, how to do the drill and a few variations to spice things up a bit.

What’s in the video

0:00 – Tom introduces the video

0:47 – Tom explains why you should do the Falkenberg drill

2:51 – Tom explains in more detail how to do the Falkenberg drill

4:08 – Tom explains how to feed the balls when doing the Falkenberg drill

5:45 – Tom gives some examples of how you can vary the drill

Useful links

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