[Video] How to do a forehand fade – with Craig Bryant

[Video] How to do a forehand fade – with Craig Bryant

In this video, top coach and former international player, Craig Bryant, demonstrates how to do a forehand fade attack.


A forehand fade is a variation of the traditional forehand topspin. You contact around the side of the ball to create some sidespin which sends the ball wide and this can really mess up your opponent.

In the video, Craig demonstrates the forehand fade and I take on Craig in a forehand fade game. Can I beat Craig’s forehand fade?

This video is brought to you in partnership with Bribar Table Tennis.

What’s in the video

0:00 – Tom introduces the video

0:45 – Craig demonstrates how to do a forehand fade (includes slow motion footage)

1:20 – Craig explains how to play the shot, including bat angle, contact point and timing

2:45 – Craig explains how to practice the forehand fade

3:43 – Tom vs Craig – Tom tries to beat craig in a forehand fade match

5:15 – Tom gives his feedback on playing against Craig’s forehand fade and why it’s an effective shot

6:49 – Information about Craig’s coaching services

Equipment used in the video

Craig Bryant

Forehand rubber: Joola Rhyzm P
Backhand rubber: Joola Rhyzm P
Blade: Joola Fever

Tom Lodziak

Forehand rubber: Tibhar Evolution MXP
Backhand rubber: Yasaka Rakza 9
Blade: Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit (now discontinued)

Useful links

> Craig’ Bryant’s website and coaching services

> Bribar table tennis

> Joola Rhyzer rubbers

> Tom Lodziak’s YouTube Channel

> More online table tennis lessons

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  1. Thanks for this video! Will be trying this out in practice and hopefully be able to add some points in matches with it!

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