[Video] How to attack high backspin balls

[Video] How to attack high backspin balls

In this video I explain how to attack high backspin balls.


High balls should be easy to deal with, but when the ball is high with backspin it can be a little trickier. Some players make an error of hitting the ball too flat and the ball ends up in the bottom of the net.

Instead if flat hitting the ball, you should try and topspin the ball instead. This will help counter the backspin and get the ball over the net.

In the video I demonstrate how to attack how backspin balls with both forehand and backhand topspins.

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5 thoughts on “[Video] How to attack high backspin balls

  1. Another excellent,clear, easy to follow & helpful video from a particularly capable coach.Thank you Tom.

  2. Hi, Tom Lodziak,

    I am from India and my name is Santan Monteiro.

    I used to hit most of the high back spin balls on the bottom of the net.

    In this video of yours, you have clearly explained how to deal with high back spin balls.

    Thanks a lot – appreciate your dedication, commitment and passion to the game of Table Tennis

  3. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for these videos, so useful to me, to understand where I am wrong and where I have to improve.
    I have one question referring to these high ball returns. It seems that I have enough time to hit the ball, because the return is quite slow and high. However, it looks like I hit the ball too late, when the ball has already started to fall down. And I miss the hit. So my question is: when/where is the appropriate height to hit a ball rebounding high on my table? Is it at the highest point of the curb? Or should I wait a bit for the ball to go down, and therefore make an easier move of the bat? I thought that the longer I wait, the lesser the ball has the backspin effect? Is it true?
    Is there any video of yours showing how to tackle with high balls?
    Thanks for your advice.
    English not being my mother tongue, sorry for my approximate writing ;0)

    • For medium high balls, aim to hit at the highest point. This gives you the biggest margin to get the ball over the net. For very high balls, I find it easier to contact around shoulder height, so you could let these drop to give yourself more time. Here is another video about smashing high balls.

  4. Dear Tom,

    Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post.
    Your video explaining how to tackle the high balls is of great use to me. You clearly explained why I missed them! And what to do to play properly, in particular huffing the ball at shoulder height. I will train in this direction. And will let you know, of course ;0)
    All the best,

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