[Video] How to beat a pusher

[Video] How to beat a pusher

In this video I show you how to beat a ‘pusher’. This is the sort of player who will push, push, push, push until you make a mistake.


Pushers can be frustrating to play against. But by using the right attacking tactics you can start winning quite easily.

In the video I explain how you can beat pushers by using loops, flicks and topspin serves.

The pusher wants to make it a backspin game. Your job is to turn it into a topspin game. If you do this, it becomes much easier to beat a pusher.

What’s in the video

0:00 – Tom introduces the video.

1:04 – Where players go wrong when playing a pusher

2:04 – Tom explains why you should attack with topspin

3:30 – Tom explains why you should serve with topspin

4:31 – Tom explains why you should return serves with topspin

5:23 – Turn it into a topspin game and don’t panic if you make mistakes

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