[Video] How to beat long pimples

[Video] How to beat long pimples

In this video, I took an in-depth look at how to play against and beat players who use long pimples.


Many players at beginner and intermediate level find long pimples difficult to play against. This is because the long pimples changes the spin on the ball in a way that players are not used to.

But long pimples are predictable. Once you work out how the spin is changing, it becomes much easier to beat long pimples players.

In this video I discuss and demonstrate the following…

  • How long pimples work
  • How to rally with a long pimples player
  • 3 tactics to beat long pimples
  • Importance of practising with a long pimples player

What’s in the video

0:00 – Tom introduces the video

0:52 – How do long pimples work?

1:20 – Long pimples chop

1:50 – Long pimples block

2:21 – Long pimples push

2:52 – Long pimples drive

3:48 – How to rally with a long pimples player

5:32 – Advanced rallying skills

6:43 – Tactic 1: backspin serve + 3rd ball attack

7:49 – Tactic 2: fast and flat attacks

8:40 – Tactic 3: Play to non-pimples side

10:03 – Find a local pimples player to practise with

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About Tom Lodziak

I’m a table tennis coach based in Cambridge in the UK. I have 70+ free table tennis lessons on my popular YouTube channel. I also have 150+ coaching articles to help you improve your table tennis skills. You can read more about my background on my About Tom page.

3 thoughts on “[Video] How to beat long pimples

  1. Thanks Tom for the video, I just wish the ITTF would insist on everyone playing with inverted rubber instead of all this frankly unfair nonsense. A high percentage of these players are not of a good standard, hence, we don’t find any in the top rankings.
    I don’t think any other sport would allow such a discrepancy in playing equipment, which affects mainly players at the lower and intermediate levels who are trying to play the game properly and being disadvantaged.

    • There are a handful of players in the top 100 who use either short pimples or long pimples. I think you just have to accept that pimples are a perfectly legitimate part of table tennis. It can be hard to play against, but try to embrace the challenge. Once you have worked out how to play against pimples it does become easier.

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