[Video] How to improve your backhand loop – with Ferenc Horvath

[Video] How to improve your backhand loop – with Ferenc Horvath

In this video, top coach Ferenc Horvath gives 5 tips to help you improve your backhand loop.


To become an advanced table tennis player, it is essential that you can loop backspin balls (i.e. pushes and chops). Many players, including myself, find the backhand loop a little tricky to do. There is a real skill needed to co-ordinate the legs, forearm and wrist to generate lots of speed and spin with your backhand.

But help is at hand. In this video Ferenc explains in detail the technique needed to master the backhand loop. There is also lots of footage of Ferenc demonstrating the shot. I have been on the receiving end of Ferenc’s backhand loop many times, and it is a wonderful shot.

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