[Video] Improving my counter topspin – with Eli Baraty

[Video] Improving my counter topspin – with Eli Baraty

In this video I ask top coach Eli Baraty to help my improve my counter topspin.

Usually when my opponent attacks, I go into blocking mode. But I’d like to do a bit more than always ‘block’. I want to get better at attacking my opponent’s attacks.

So I got together with top coach Eli Baraty to develop my counter topspin skills.

In the video Eli takes a look at my technique and gives me tips on how improve my counter topspins, including shortening my strokes and recovering quicker.

See if you can notice any improvements…

What’s in the video

0:00 – Tom introduces the video.

0:20 – Tom explains why he wants to improve his counter topspins.

1:08 – Tom’s counter topspin technique (before coaching)

1:37 – Eli’s feedback on Tom’s technique, focusing on shortening strokes and recovering quicker

2:45 – Tom’s listens to coach Eli and tries again

3:31 – Comparison of technique before and after coaching

4:16 – Tom gives his feedback of the coaching session.

Useful links

> Eli Baraty’s website

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> Tom Lodziak’s YouTube Channel

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2 thoughts on “[Video] Improving my counter topspin – with Eli Baraty

  1. Thanks Tom for your well produced and informative videos.For me it is important to understand the reasoning behind a shot or stroke I am trying to learn and you give alternatives, with pros and cons for each.

    I also like that you ask if there is anything you can do better which shows a genuine desire on your part to be a better coach. You are doing great, keep it up.

    I will be 66 next month and I am learning from your videos,thank you.

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