(Video) How to smash high balls

(Video) How to smash high balls

Attacking high balls should be easy. The ball is way up in the air. You have a big margin to get the ball over the net. How can you possibly miss? Easy peasy.

But then you smash the ball into the net or off the end of the table.


We have all been there. We have all missed that easy high ball.

I know from my coaching sessions, some beginner and intermediate players really struggle with high balls. But when I show them a basic smashing technique, they find it much easier and start smashing consistently.

In this video I show you how to smash high balls consistently. The technique I show in the video isn’t the only smashing technique you can use, but I think it’s the easiest technique to start with.

Video length: 05:40


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3 thoughts on “(Video) How to smash high balls

  1. Hi Tom, thanks for your excellent videos. I think they are better (for me) that Alois’ videos. But I enjoy and learn from both. In your video on how to SMASH [see what i did there?] does the spin on the arriving ball have any effect if you are driving through the ball? Roy

    • Hi Roy, thanks for your kind words. Alois is still the master! I like to learn from him too. In terms of the smash, if the high ball has plenty of topspin, then you will need to close your bat angle and hit down on it a bit more. If it’s a floaty high ball or a high ball with some side spin, you can just smash through these like I show in the video.

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