Jun Mizutani vs Chan Kazuhiro (All Japan Championships, January 2016)

20160117 - Jun Mizutani vs Chan Kazuhiro

Fast paced match between Jun Mizutani (red) and Chan Kazuhiro (yellow) in the final of the All Japan Championships. There are loads of fantastic rallies in this match. Most of the time Mizutani comes out on top, but Kazuhiro wins a couple of brilliant points – one at the end of the first set, another at 6-3 in the fifth set. Mizutani is one of my favourite players. He is great at switching from defence to attack and he always seem to play with a smile on his face. This match is an example of Mizutani at his best.

Jun Mizutani vs Kalinikos Kreanga (Champions League, August 2015)

20150821 - Jun Mizutani vs Kalinikos Kreanga

Entertaining match between two players with a similar playing style. Neither player has the speed of the top Chinese men which means the rallies in this match a little bit slower, longer and easier to follow. Although by the standards of the average player – they are still very fast! Every set is close, which makes for an exciting final set. Who will get the victory?