Online coaching

Do you need help with your table tennis game, but don’t have a coach near you? You could join my online table tennis academy, where you will get access to exclusive coaching content, including in-depth technique tips and a wide range of training drills. You will also be able participate in live seminars, demonstrations and workouts.

Here are a some other online coaching platforms which I am happy to recommend…

Table Tennis Daily Academy

Table Tennis Daily Academy is probably the best online coaching platform available (you can read my review here). The website includes a range of coaching videos on technique, tactics, service, returning serves, psychology and training drills. Plus you can engage directly with Dan and Tom – two highly qualified players and coaches. You can ask them questions or post videos of yourself playing and they will give you prompt and high quality feedback.

Your TT Coach is run by two coaches I know very well – Tony West and Mark Mitchell. As well as comprehensive online coaching catalogue, they also offer a video analysis service. Send in a recording of you training or competitive play and they will analyse the video and provide a detailed breakdown. Your allocated coach will highlight areas of improvement and suggest how to improve with targeted practice routines and coaching tips.


Alois and Jeff from PingSkills are the masters of online coaching videos. They have created hundreds of videos over the past 15 years on every aspect of table tennis. What I like about their videos is that they explain everything very clearly. Lots of the videos are free to watch. Others you have to pay a membership fee to access. You can also receive personal advice from Alois – send in a video and they will provide a report with tips on how to improve.

Timo Boll Webcoach

Table tennis lessons from one of the greatest players ever. Sign up and you get access to training videos from Timo Boll and Andreas Ball. Lots of topics covered and you can also upload videos of yourself playing and get them analysed by professional coaches.

TTFit App

This mobile app has a big library of training and fitness videos to help you improve at table tennis. There is also a session planner tool, where you can customise your sessions with the drills which are most relevant to you.

I will add to this list if I discover any new online coaching options. Or if you use an online coaching service not listed here, please do email me the details and I’ll check it out.