Table tennis coaching with Tom Lodziak

I’m a table tennis coach, player and blogger based in Cambridge in the UK. I’m here to help you improve your table tennis skills. On my website you can read about 1-to-1 coaching options, watch my video lessons and learn lots of useful tips in over 150+ coaching articles.

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Tom Lodziak - 1 to 1 table tennis coaching

1-to-1 Coaching

I provide 1-to-1 table tennis coaching in Cambridge, UK. I am happy to coach players of all standards and all ages. 1-to-1 coaching is a great way to improve because the coaching is entirely focused on your game. You get all of my attention!

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Video lessons

You can watch my table tennis lessons (for free!) on my popular YouTube channel.  I also have an online table tennis course for beginners, where I demonstrate the basics skills you need to play and improve at table tennis. Over 2300 people have signed up already.

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Coaching articles

You can read lots of table tennis tips in my library of 150+ coaching articles. I discuss technique, service, returning serves, tactics, match-play, mindset and training drills. I also give equipment advice on bats, balls, rubbers, blades, tables and robots. 

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