A simple strategy for returning serves

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In this video, coach Emma, shares her secrets for returning serves. Emma favours a more controlled and strategic approach when returning serves, with one overriding principle – put the ball where your opponent doesn’t want it! This strategy has given Emma a lot of success over the years and could have a big benefit for your game too.

Emma Harradine is a Level 3 coach. She has won English national titles in the over 40s and over 50s women’s category. You can find out more about Emma and her coaching services on her website

In the video, Emma is using this equipment:

Blade: JOOLA Fever

Rubber (both forehand and backhand): JOOLA Dynaryz ACC

Posted on 24/06/2024

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  1. Emma a “female” player……..
    Hey Tom….you don’t say Craig a “male” player.
    really enjoy your video 🙂


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