How to play table tennis


One of the great (and daunting) things about table tennis is that there is so many things to learn – drives, pushes, topspins, blocks, smashes, chops, flicks, lobs, serves, receives and more! No matter how good you get at table tennis, there’s always something new to work on.

On my website I have over 150 table tennis coaching articles and videos to help you improve. On this page you will find links to my most popular coaching content. I have grouped my articles and videos into different categories, which makes it a bit easier to find the coaching content you’re interested in.

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Training and practice

Here’s some articles on how to make the most of your training sessions…

 A simple way to improve your practice sessions

 Should you work on your strengths or weaknesses?

 Can you pass my consistency test?

 How to practice with a player of lower ability

 5 alternative match-play exercises to help you improve

Basic technique

These pages explain the basic technique for various strokes. Each page includes a short video (only 60 seconds), written guidance and links to further viewing and reading.

 How to play a forehand drive

 How to play a backhand drive

 How to play a forehand push

 How to play a backhand push

 How to play a forehand topspin vs backspin

 How to play a backhand topspin vs backspin

 How to play a forehand topspin vs block

 How to play a backhand topspin vs block

Developing your strokes

These videos and articles will help you improve your strokes and raise your game to the next level…

 How to block heavy topspin

 How to attack a backspin ball

 How to get more speed and spin on your forehand topspin attacks

 How to play quick backhand topspin attacks

 How to smash high balls

 How to do a chop block (with Craig Bryant)

 Frustrate your opponents with steady blocks, aggressive blocks and trick blocks

 Put your opponents under serious pressure with short, long and wide pushes

 Learn how to counter-attack (and take your game to the next level)

 How to play great forehand attacks from the backhand corner

 7 step plan to improve your forehand topspin


Here’s some tips on how to improve your table tennis serves…

 Sidespin serve – tips and tactics

 How to do a reverse sidespin serve

 How to make an existing serve even better

 The perfect table tennis serve

 Always expect your serve to be returned

 Service tactics to win cheap points

 When do you use your best serve?

 How to destroy opponents with long serves

Returning serves

Here’s some advice on how to return serves – something many players find quite tricky to do…

 How to read service spin

 How to return a sidespin serve

 A simplified approach to returning serves

 How to add more variety to your service returns


Lots of useful advice on how to beat different styles of player…

 Pushing tactics to mess up your opponent

 Tactics for beating a looper

 Tactics for beating a long pimples player

 Tactics for beating a pusher

 Tactics for beating a big flat hitter

 Tactics for beating a blocker

 Tactics for beating a one-wing attacker

 Tactics for beating a good junior player

 Tactics to beat a much stronger player

 Tactics for beating weird players


Here’s some tips on improving your performance in tournaments and league matches…

 How to improve the placement of your attacks

 How to attack more during matches

 How to identify and exploit an opponent’s weakness

 The quickest way to improve your win percentage

 How to approach (and win) matches against weaker opponents

 How to warm-up before a match (if you only have five minutes)

 Why you should make notes about your opponents


Some advice on improving the mental side your game…

 How to deal with nerves in table tennis matches

 Tips for maintaining a positive attitude when you’re losing

 Coping with defeats in table tennis

Training drills

Here’s a few training drill ideas you can use in your training sessions…

 5 training drills for switching between forehand and backhand strokes

 Small steps training drill

 10 training drill ideas for the first five shots in a rally

 3rd ball attack training drills

 Solo service training drills

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