Popular table tennis equipment

Every month I publish lists of the most popular table tennis bats, balls, cases, tables and books purchased by readers of my website.

I have compiled the lists based upon data provided by Amazon. One of the ways I earn a (small!) income as a table tennis coach, is by providing recommendations of table tennis equipment on Amazon. If a reader of my website makes a purchase, I receive a small commission. I then access data on Amazon to see which table tennis equipment is most popular.

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So on with the lists. In each category there is a top 10 list for both UK and USA.

Lists updated: 28 February 2020

Popular table tennis bats


  1. Palio Expert Table Tennis Bat
  2. Bribar Winning Loop Table Tennis Bat + Case
  3. Bribar Allround Professional Table Tennis Bat
  4. Fireblade Shinai Table Tennis Bat
  5. Fireblade Ninjato Table Tennis Bat
  6. Palio Legend Table Tennis Bat
  7. Tibhar Powercarbon XT Table Tennis Bat
  8. Sportout ITTF Approved Table Tennis Bat
  9. Killerspin Jet800 Table Tennis Bat
  10. STIGA Allround Classic Table Tennis Bat + Free Bat case

Need more help? Take a look at my ready-made bat comparison chart, which compares speed, spin and control of the best table tennis bats in the UK.


  1. Palio Expert 2 Table Tennis Racket & Case
  2. STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket
  3. STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket
  4. Butterfly 401 Shakehand Table Tennis Racket
  5. Killerspin JET600 Table Tennis Paddle
  6. Eastfield Allround Professional Table Tennis Racket
  7. Killerspin JET400 Smash N1 Ping Pong Racket
  8. Palio Legend 2 Table Tennis Racket & Case
  9. Killerspin JET800 SPEED N1 Table Tennis Paddle
  10. Butterfly 603 Shakehand Table Tennis Racket

Popular table tennis balls


  1. Nittaku Premium 3 Star Table Tennis Balls (3 balls)
  2. Joola Training Table Tennis Balls (12 balls)
  3. Cornilleau Expert Table Tennis Balls (6 balls)
  4. XUSHAOFA 40+ Table Tennis Balls (6 balls)
  5. Cornilleau Pro Table Tennis Balls (72 balls)
  6. SANWEI 3 Star ABS Professional Table Tennis Balls (6 balls)
  7. Donic- Schildkröt Table Tennis Ball Jade Poly 40+ (6 balls)
  8. Dunlop Club Match Table Tennis Balls (6 balls)
  9. Xushaofa Premium 40+ Training Balls (6 / 120 balls)
  10. Double Fish ITTF Approved 3-Stars Table Tennis Table Tennis Balls (3 balls)


  1. KEVENZ 3-Star 40mm Table Tennis Balls (60 balls)
  2. STIGA 3-Star Table Tennis Balls (6 balls)
  3. Double Fish v40+ Table Tennis Balls (10 balls)
  4. Xushaofa 40+ Seamless Poly Table Tennis Balls  (6-144 balls)
  5. JOOLA Training Table Tennis Balls (12 balls)

Popular table tennis tables


  1. Kettler Axos 1 Outdoor Table Tennis Table
  2. Cornilleau Sport 100s Crossover Outdoor Table Tennis Table
  3. Cornilleau Sport 250S Crossover Outdoor Table Tennis Table
  4. Kettler Classic Outdoor 10 Table Tennis Table
  5. Butterfly Easifold Indoor Table Tennis Table


  1. JOOLA Inside 15 Table Tennis Table
  2. STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table
  3. JOOLA NOVA DX Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table
  4. STIGA Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Table
  5. JOOLA Rally TL 300 Table Tennis Table