Tips on buying a table tennis table for your home

A few years ago, I purchased a table tennis table for my home. It was an agonising decision (really it was!). Do I have enough space? Where am I going to store it? How much should I spend? Who am I going to play with? Am I really going to use it? Will I improve my table tennis skills? So many questions.

After weeks of deliberation and careful planning with my measuring tape, I bought the damn table – a Butterfly Easifold indoor table tennis table. It’s not the most expensive table available, but suited my needs and budget.

Fast forward to 2017. Do I regret buying the table? No. Have I used it lots? Yes. Has it helped me improve? Yes (I think!).

In this blog post, I’ll share some advice about buying a table tennis table for your home and give a few recommendations of decent (and affordable) tables you can buy.

How much space do you need?

The first and most important thing to consider is space. Do you have enough space in your home for a table tennis table?

Let’s look at how much space you need…

The length of a full-size table tennis table is 2.74 metres. The width of a full-size table tennis table is 1.525 metres. But you obviously need more space behind and to the side of the table to be able to play table tennis.

As a rough guide, you need 4 steps back (approx 2 metres) behind each end of the table and 2 steps (approx 1 metre) at each side of the table. This space is still a little on the tight side, but you will have room to play.


So you can see from the diagram above, ideally you need a room which is at least 6.74 metres long and 3.525 metres wide.

Options if you have less space

If you don’t have a room with this much space, you still have a few options.

1. Squeeze in

You could just play with less space if your room isn’t quite as big as the measurements above. If you only have space for two or three steps back from the table, rather than four, you could still just about play, but it’s going to be really tight. You’ll have to play close up to the table all the time. If you go back from the table too much, you’ll bash your bat against a wall (not good). So it’s possible to play with less space, but you’ll be more restricted in how you can play.

2. Buy a ¾ size table tennis table

It’s possible to buy a smaller table, one which is ¾ the size of a full size table. I think this is fine if you’re only going to play for a bit of fun with friends and family. You’ll get plenty of enjoyment from the table.

If you want to do serious training, a ¾ size table is not so good. You’ll have to adjust from playing on a smaller table at home to a bigger table at a table tennis club, which isn’t ideal.

Recommendations (UK)

Recommendations (USA)

3. Buy a table top

Some people have a room which is big enough, but the space is already taken up by a dining room table. In this situation, you could consider buying just the table top. This can sit on top of the dining room table when playing and then stored away when not in use. There are different sized table tops available, some smaller (to fit smaller dining room tables) and some full sized ones.

A table top is probably a better option if you just want to play for fun with family and friends. It may not be so good for serious training, as the height of the dining table may be different to a table tennis table.

Recommendations (UK)

Recommendations (USA)

4. Push table up against wall and use a robot

In my home, I have space for a table in my garage, but there isn’t enough room either end of the table for two people to play. So I can’t actually have a two player game.

Instead I just use my robot – RoboPong 2050 – to train with. Because the robot doesn’t need any space back from the table, I can push the table right against the garage doors. This then gives me space at my end to play (hooray!).

This is fine for my needs at the moment, as my kids are too young to play and my partner Jodi has no interest in table tennis whatsoever. It’s also great fun if we ever have a party. Everyone loves trying to play against the robot.

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5. Go outside

If you really do not have enough space inside, then your only other option is to get an outdoor table tennis table. It can be hard to play if there’s too much wind, but on a fine sunny day, playing outside can be great fun.

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Table quality

If you have enough space, the next thing you need to consider is table quality. There’s a lot of different table tennis tables available to buy – some very cheap, some very expensive. How do you know if a table is any good or a load of rubbish?

As a general rule, you should judge the quality of a table by the thickness of the wooden top. This will range from 12mm (poor quality) to 25mm (excellent quality). So the thicker the wooden top, the better the quality will be.

Generally I would avoid buying a table with a 12mm table tennis top. The price will be low, but the quality will be poor. The ball doesn’t bounce very well on thin table tops and the construction of the table always seems a bit flimsy to me.

As a minimum, you should look to get a table with at least a 16mm table tennis top. The table I have in my garage is 19mm and the quality is fine for training with a robot.

If you can afford to get a table with a thicker top (22mm-25mm), go for it! These are the tables which are used in competitive leagues and tournaments (so very high quality) and I will be very jealous that you have a better table in your home than I do.

Most table tennis shops will sell tables. Take a look at my list of table tennis shops in UK, Europe, USA, Asia and Australia to find a shop near you. Alternatively look at my recommendations below…







Other things to consider

There’s a few other things you need to consider too. The following aren’t as important as space and table quality, but worth thinking about before purchasing a table tennis table.


Ideally your table tennis room will have wooden / laminate flooring. This is the easiest surface to move around on, plus it’s durable – you’re not doing to cause any damage as long as you set up and tidy away your table with care.

You can play on carpet. This is ok. But be warned! The carpet will get seriously worn if you play too much, especially if you have a nice thick carpet. A thinner carpet would be better, but even this is going to get worn down after a while. You could put down a rug to protect the carpet, but then there is always the danger that rug may slip beneath your feet and then CRASH!

Tile flooring is ok, but can get slippery if too much moisture builds up in the room.

A concrete floor is also ok, but it’s not very forgiving on the body. If you have weak ankles, knees or hips, it’s best to avoid playing on a concrete floor.

Ceiling height

I wouldn’t worry too much about ceiling height. There’s not much you can do about this anyway, unless you decide to rebuild your home! As long as you can stand fully upright in your room, it’s fine to play table tennis. You won’t be playing international competitions in your home, so a high ceiling doesn’t matter. If you do have a low ceiling the only thing you’re not going to do is lob the ball up high. Everything else will be fine.

Playing in the garage

I’ve read articles online about how you shouldn’t buy an indoor table tennis table if you’re going to keep it in your garage, as the cold conditions can warp the table. These articles advice you should get an outdoor table tennis table instead.

Honestly, I wouldn’t pay that much attention to this advice. I keep my indoor table in my garage, and have done for a number of years, and it has been absolutely fine. The table has not deteriorated at all. And it isn’t as though I have a super-duper-state-of-the-art garage. It’s actually in a pretty bad shape / gradually rotting away (it’s on the list to get sorted out). As long as your garage doesn’t have water leaking from the roof, it’s fine to keep an indoor table tennis table in it.

Looking after your table tennis table

Looking after your table tennis table is really easy. It is very low maintenance. All you need to do is give the surface an occasional clean with a lightly damp cloth and that’s pretty much it.

If you keep your table in a dustier environment (like a garage), you can buy a cover. This will keep off all the dust and grime.

Recommendations (UK)

Recommendations (USA)

Robots, nets, collectors and balls

I will finish the blog post with a few recommendations of items you can buy to get the most enjoyment from your table tennis table.

Table tennis robot

A table tennis robot can be a useful way to train, especially if you don’t have anyone at home to practice with. I have a Robo-Pong 2050, which I am very happy to recommend. It’s a mid-range robot. It has loads of features compared to cheap robots, but it’s not as expensive as a top range robot. I have had this robot for several years and it has always worked perfectly.

Table tennis net

Do not buy a really cheap table tennis net. Cheap nets are notorious for falling to pieces after a short period of time. Spend a little more and you can buy a net which will last for a number of years (if you look after it). I’ve been using a Butterfly clip on my table at home and am happy to recommend this product. It’s not the most expensive net you buy, but good quality for a decent price.

Ball catch net

A ball catch net is vital if you have a robot without a net attached. It can be a useful thing to have if you want to do a lot of service practice. You attach the net to the table and it catches the balls as you play with the robot of practise your serves. This means you don’t have to pick up loads of balls off the ground.

Ball picker-up

This invention is great! If you have a robot or like to practice with a lot of balls, you’ll soon get tired of bending down and picking up a lot of balls from the floor. This clever device means no more bending down. You just push it down over the balls on the floor and it collects the balls in it’s net. Once all of the balls have been collected, you just empty it into you robot or ball box.

Table tennis balls

And finally, balls! You need plenty of balls. I recommend getting a box of training balls. These are still decent quality, but you can get a lot more for your money than competition quality balls.

And if you do want to buy some competition quality balls, I recommend Nittaku Premium 3 Star table tennis balls (buy in UK | buy in USA). This are by far my favourite ball to play with.

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