Table tennis coaching with Tom Lodziak

Need some help with your table tennis game? Here’s a few ways that I can help you…

1-to-1 coaching

I offer 1-to-1 coaching to players of all standards – you may be a complete beginner wanting to learn the basics or an elite player preparing for a tournament. With my knowledge and experience of playing table tennis, I can help you achieve your goals.

Group coaching days

Once per month I organise a group coaching day. You get five hours of high quality coaching, focused on one main theme. We do lots of exercises on the theme, which gives you a deep understanding and confidence to use and develop your new skills.

Training camps

Every year I run multi-day training camps, aimed specifically at amateur table tennis players. These camps are great fun and an opportunity to improve your footwork, rallying skills, ball placement, loops, flicks, serve, receive, defensive skills, match tactics and much more.

Online coaching

Want to improve your table tennis skills, but don’t have a coach? There are a number of great online coaching platforms available, which give access to huge libraries of lessons and opportunities to get your game analysed remotely by an experienced table tennis coach.

Video lessons

I have 70+ video lessons which you can watch for free on my website. The videos cover all aspects of table tennis including technique, service, returning serves, tactics, match-play, training drills and more. The videos include tips from myself and many other top coaches. 

Coaching articles

I have 150+ articles about table tennis – training tips, match tactics, equipment advice and much more. The content of every article is inspired by my own coaching and playing experience. These articles contain loads of useful advice to help you improve at table tennis.

Ask the coach

If you need help with your table tennis game, you can ask me a question in the “Ask the coach” section of my website. I’m happy to answer any questions about technique, tactics, training, service, returning serves, mindset or anything else you would like help with.