Where to play Table Tennis in Cambridge

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Cambridge has a special place in the history of table tennis. It was Cambridge University student and table tennis fanatic, Ivor Montagu, who first wrote down a uniform set of rules for the game, before going on to set up the International Table Tennis Federation in 1926.

And the good news is there is still plenty of table tennis being played in Cambridge today. On this page I have listed lots of different places you can play table tennis in Cambridge, including sport centres, table tennis clubs and outdoor tables.

Sport Centres

The sport centres below have table tennis tables available to book. The cost of booking a table varies from £3- £10 per hour, depending on the venue. The equipment and facilities are usually pretty good – decent table, springy flooring, good lighting, high ceiling.

At these venues, you can pay as you play. Just contact the Sports Centre and make a booking. Membership is not required, but membership is available for discounted prices.

You can also play table tennis at the tenpin bowling venue at Cambridge Leisure Park. When I last visited it was a table with a metal net on a carpet floor. So not great for serious play, but fine for a bit of social ping pong.

Table Tennis Clubs

The are a number of table tennis clubs in Cambridge and surrounding areas. Most are run by volunteers and will offer opportunities to practice, receive coaching and participate in leagues and competitions.

Table tennis clubs are usually open one or two weekday evenings each week. Some of the bigger clubs may open several evenings each week and weekends too. Most table tennis clubs will be welcoming of new players of any standard, but this isn’t guaranteed, so best to check with the club first.

Clubs in Cambridgeshire:

For information on other table tennis clubs in Cambridge and surrounding areas, go to the Cambridge & District Table Tennis League website.

You may also want to take a look at TTRadar. This website’s mission is to list all publicly available Table Tennis / Ping Pong venues. You can see what’s available in Cambridge and elsewhere in the UK (and around the world).

U3A table tennis sessions

The University of the 3rd Age (u3A) runs a number of informal table tennis sessions, usually during the day, for retired and semi-retired people. For more information, please visit the U3A Cambridge website.

Outdoor tables

outdoor table tennis cambridgeThanks to the wonderful work of Ping! England there are several permanent outdoor tables in Cambridge. These are located at:

  • Abbey Leisure Centre
  • Christs’s Pieces (next to the bus shelter)
  • Jesus Green (next to public toilets)
  • Lammas Land (near to bowling club)
  • Nightingale Recreation Ground
  • Parkside Pool (in front of swimming pool)
  • Romsey Recreation Ground

They are free to use and no booking required. Just turn up with your bats and ball and play. You do need to factor in the weather conditions. Too wet and the ball won’t bounce, too windy and the ball will fly all over the place. But just think of these as extra challenges to overcome!

1-to-1 table tennis coaching in Cambridge

If you are serious about improving your table tennis skills, then you should consider some private 1-to-1 table tennis lessons.

I am a full-time table tennis coach and offer 1-to-1 lessons in central Cambridge throughout the year. I can work with you to improve any aspect of your game – technique, consistency, movement, speed, match-play.

Take a look at my 1-to-1 coaching page for more information.

There are a number of other qualified coaches in the Cambridge area. You can find more information on the Cambridge Table Tennis League website.


If you have space, your own home makes a great table tennis venue. You can get reasonably priced indoor tables and outdoor tables, which if looked after will last for years and years. If you have limited space, you can buy a ¾ size table or you can just buy a table tennis top to sit on an existing table.

Tables fold away, so don’t take up much space when not in use. You do need to make sure there is another space at the end of each end of the table to move back and swing a bat. But even if you don’t have a lot of space, you can still play a close to the table game, which can be a useful way to improve your reaction time.

And if you don’t have anyone in your home who shares your passion for table tennis, save up and buy yourself a table tennis robot. You can use a robot to improve your technique and they’re brilliant entertainment when hosting parties.

On the go

Finally, if you are completely table tennis obsessed, then get yourself a pop-up net and set up a table tennis game anywhere you want. Take inspiration from this short video…