How to read service spin

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Returning serves can be tough. It’s something all table tennis players can struggle with at some point or another. Even professional players will have certain opponents whose serves they find difficult to deal with.

There’s three parts to returning serves well.

  • First, you have to read the spin of the serve.
  • Second, you have to play a correct stroke based upon the spin on the ball.
  • Third, you have to do something decent with your return to put your opponent under pressure.

All of this decision-making and execution has to happen very quickly – in the time it takes for the serve to reach you (about a second).

This is why it’s tough.

In my latest coaching video, I look at the first part – how to read service spin.

If you can read the spin, then it makes other parts of returning serves easier. If you can’t read the spin, then you’re going to struggle.

In the video I explain the two big clues to look out for when trying to read service spin. At the end of the video I do some of my serves. See if you can read the spin. Good luck…

Posted on 13/07/2017