Improving my backhand flick

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I like to use a backhand flick to attack short serves. I have an ‘ok’ backhand flick, but I want it to be stronger. I want to get more speed and spin to really put my opponent’s under more pressure.

To improve my backhand flick, I asked fellow coach Eli Baraty to help me. Eli has had a lot of success as a coach. He has coached over 20 players into the top 10 in England, in their age group and produced many national title winners. (You can read more about Eli on his website).

In our coaching session, Eli took a look at my existing backhand flick and identified a few things I could do to improve my technique.

In this video, I’ll show you my existing backhand flick, Eli’s feedback on what I need to do better and my new improved backhand flick.

Posted on 04/07/2018