Stop making these backhand topspin errors

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Many players – myself included – find it challenging to play a consistent backhand topspin vs backspin. It is quite a complex stroke, with many opportunities to go wrong!

In this video I examine some common errors players make when doing backhand topspin vs backspin – and explain how to correct these errors.

I also share some examples of players who play backhand topspin vs backspin very well, so we can all learn from them.

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Posted on 13/12/2023

3 thoughts on “Stop making these backhand topspin errors”

  1. Excellent tutorial from three great players. I value seeing different approaches to a stroke, all of which produce positive results. What stood out to me above all was the compactness of Pitchford’s stroke. It was fast, succinct, and everything happened in a forward direction, including his follow through. That would allow all energy to go into his hit as well as give him the quickest return to readiness for his opponent’s return.
    Thanks, Tom!

  2. Tom , great tuto as always. I wonder how to integrate all those infos during a match …i guess piece by piece , slowly but surely feeding a baby spoon by spoon !


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