How to return tricky left handed serves

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In this video coach Lois Peake explains how to return those tricky left handed serves.

Many right handed players struggle with serves which cut across their forehand side of the table. These are the serves often used by left handed players. What is the best way of returning these serves?

Lois gives some simple tips which make it much easier to return left handed serves. She gets me to try out her tips and I have instant success. If I can do it, then you can too!

Lois has represented England and the junior and senior level. She has also coached at a high level, and crucially for this video, is a left-handed player!

In the video, Lois is using this equipment:

Blade: JOOLA Santoru KL-C Outer

Rubber (both forehand and backhand): JOOLA Dynaryz AGR

Posted on 30/03/2024

1 thought on “How to return tricky left handed serves”

  1. I am right handed and I actually already return left handed serves to be my short forehand, using my backhand to their backhand, with success, as I had previously worked out that I could not return these serves, using my forehand.

    Just recently, I returned a right hander’s serve, when he was serving from his backhand side to my backhand and I would push the ball back low and short to his forehand, his stronger side, with success.

    What I don’t understand is why Loris, not only in this video, but in previous videos, would want to tell everyone how to return her serves effectively and in previous videos, where to serve and rally to her effectively.

    Surely, it makes make her opponents perform better against her. Is Loris this playing singles in table, apart from coaching table tennis?


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