Group Coaching Days

A great way to improve your table tennis skills is to attend one of my group coaching days. 

You get five hours of high quality coaching, focused on one main theme, e.g. service skills. We do lots of exercises on the theme, which gives you a deep understanding and confidence to use and develop your new skills.

The group coaching days usually take place on a Friday, 10am-3pm, at Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre (CB1 1NA). Each group coach day can include up to 10 players. 

It’s a great opportunity to get some coaching, meet like minded people and play lots of table tennis! 

Upcoming coaching days

Here’s a list of upcoming group coaching days. Click on a coaching day to see more details and make a booking…

21.06.24 – Consistency

20.09.24 – Service actions

25.10.24 – Topspin vs backspin

22.11.24 – Doubles

2025 group sessions

The dates and topics for group coaching days from January 2025 are listed below. More details and booking forms will be available soon. If you would like to be notified of future group coaching days, then please complete this very short expression of interest form.

  • 24.01.25 – Backhand flick
  • 21.02.25 – Rallying skills
  • 21.03.25 – Returning serves
  • 25.04.25 – Blocking
  • 23.05.25 – Push, loop, hit
  • 27.06.25 – Analysing your opponent