The Slow Ball

David Howard asked 4 months ago

Your recent video suggested the use of The Slow Ball. What the best way to counter the ball that arrives with very little pace or bounce, more often than not mid table and likely to bounce twice?

1 Answers
Tom Lodziak Staff answered 4 months ago

I can tell you from experience what you shouldn’t do! This will hopefully highlight the best approach to deal with a slow short ball.
For a long time, I really struggled with a slow ball. My timing and rhythm was disrupted and I found myself panicking and snatching at the ball – and usually making a mistake.
Then I got some feedback from a coach – Mark Mitchell – who I did the slow ball video with. He noticed that when the pace was slowed, my feet were stuck on the ground. This caused me to reach forwards to hit the ball and resulted in a poor shot. 
So Mark got me to take a step into the table when he played a slow ball. Success! This simple step into the table made everything much easier. When I got closer to the ball, I was able to push or flick (if backspin) or drive (if topspin).
So for me, the key to dealing with a slow ball, is being light on your feet and make a quick movement into the table. But make sure you step back out again after you have played your shot.